• Diplom in educational science

  • Diplom in psychology

  • Person-centred therapy according to Carl Rogers

  • Theme-centred interaction according to Ruth Cohn, Bonn

  • The experience of breath according to Ilse Middendorf, Bonn

  • Analytical, body-oriented Gestalt therapy, Bonn

  • Systemic coaching with Kurt Pelzer, Aachen

  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy with Dr Rudolf Flamm, Bonn

  • Mindfulness meditation according to Ayya Khema, Allgäu

  • Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing with Dr Arne Hofmann, Cologne

  • Special psychotraumatology with Prof. Rita Rosner from the German-language society for psychotraumatology (DeGPT), Munich

  • Success at work with Dr Sandra Foster PhD PCC, Milan

  • Coaching for private and commercial clients with Dr Sandra Foster PhD PCC, Cologne

  • Activating resources and positive psychology with Dr Sandra Foster PhD PCC, Cologne

  • Process- and embodiment-focussed psychology according to Dr Michael Bohne, Hanover

  •  The fundamentals of Tibetan Buddhism, medicine and

    psychiatry at the Geshe Pema Samten Tibet Centre, Schneverdingen

“I sentimenti come delusione, imbarazzo, irritazione, rancore, rabbia, gelosia e paura anzichè essere brutte notizie sono invece momenti molto chiari che ci insegnano dove ci stiamo trattenendo” Pema Chödron, SG Il mondo ti croccia addosso, Milano, Feltrinelli, 2012

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