Discover and shape the rythm in our life

We all experience times of distress, trauma, pain and wrongdoing in our life. Our responses can range from depression or powerless rage to tension, desperation or fear. In the initial stages, these thoughts, feelings and physical sensations are perfectly normal human reactions to our experiences. Yet if we are unable to find a way to free ourselves of these burdens and return to a centred life under our own strength or with the help of caring people around us, or if we become used to feel this way, then it is important to percept this as a sign that we need professional help. The pain can be so deep, the trauma so profound, that we need an expert who can recognise our distress with respect and help us to find and reactivate our own healing power and abilities to allow us to begin using the source of our life energy to shape our life again. In time, we can once more be kind to ourselves, have faith in our abilities, the courage to tackle new challenges, and feel inquisitive and content. And, ultimately, we tap into hidden creative potential.


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